About Assistra Technologies LLC

Assistra provides EZ Access ® expert services and design certification to kiosk manufacturers and their clients to help them meet or exceed ADA guidelines and Section 508 requirements

EZ Access ® ensures maximum accessibility for people using self-service kiosks that have sensory or mobility impairment.

Assistra is the exclusive licensee of EZ Access ® technology which was developed at the University of Wisconsin – Trace Research & Development Center (now located at the University of Maryland) and is the only comprehensive cross-disability solution set available for self-service kiosks.

The only cross disability solution set for self-service kiosks.

Whereas, solutions may exist that are helpful to the visually impaired, they do not meet the needs of the physically or cognitively disabled.   Other solutions may work for disabled people who are technically adept, but not for those who may be uncomfortable with technology or who have become disabled later in life (i.e., the elderly).   EZ Access ® helps solve this problem.

By helping our clients properly execute and certify EZ Access ® implementations, we provide them with one of the safest harbors available.

Assistra Services and Products:

  • Review of your product design regarding Section 508 requirements and ADA guidelines
  • The EZ Access ® Software Toolkit, which simplifies integrating accessibility into HTML-based kiosks
  • Physical keypads approved for use with EZ Access implementation
  • EZ Access ® Certification process to ensure a safer harbor

EZ Access ® Certification and Licensing

Assistra certifies EZ Access ® implementations to ensure ADA Guidelines are followed and Section 508 Requirements are met.

“To be called EZ Access requires both a tactile keypad and a certified implementation of the EZ Access techniques.”

    —   Gregg C. Vanderheiden. Ph.D., Director, Trace R & D Center

Our certification program covers:

  • Hardware requirements, including housing, control placement, and audio
  • Screen design
  • Navigation and highlighting
  • Operating behavior, speech output, and timing

Certified implementations can display the EZ Access ® trademark to advertise a strong commitment to accessibility.

Tactile Keypads for EZ Access ® Implementations

With over 10 years of research and testing, the Trace Research & Development Center, then located at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, has developed tactile keypads specifically designed for use with proper EZ Access ® implementations.

Striving towards standardization, the new linear keypad designed for use in EZ Access ® implementations can easily be incorporated into new kiosk designs and also retrofitted onto existing kiosks.

Striving towards standardization, the new linear keypad designed for use in EZ Access ® implementations can easily be incorporated into new kiosk designs and also retrofitted onto existing kiosks.

New Tactile Keypad Interface Features:

  • Highly tactile, illuminated keys with distinct shapes and textures
  • A horizontal layout for optimal ease of use
  • Designed to work with both visual and audio cues for the user
  • A modern and sleek look that meshes with nearly any kiosk design

The keypads can be integrated either during manufacturing or as an aftermarket retrofit.

Accessibility Consulting

Assistra will guide you through accessibility requirements and guidelines to ensure an excellent user experience and a design which meets all federal and state requirements.

  • ADA Guidelines for commercial and public entities
  • Section 508 Requirements for government offices, facilities, and technology developed with Federal funds.
  • Hardware and software accessibility solutions

EZ Access ® Software Toolkit

Our highly customizable software allows you to focus on creating a superb, accessible user experience without the hassle and cost of implementing basic functionality from scratch.   For HTML-based kiosks, it provides:

  • Linear content navigation
  • Active element highlighting
  • Content and input text-to-speech