EZ Access ® Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EZ Access ® Implementation?

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Why EZ Access?

EZ Access ® incorporates cross-disability access into almost any electronic product via interface enhancements. These enhancements include simple interactive techniques and (for some types of products) hardware components which make products more usable by more people, especially those with disabilities.

EZ Access ® makes devices cross-disability accessible so people with and without disabilities alike can use and access the same products.

Does EZ Access ® meet ADA guidelines and/or Section 508 requirements?

Yes - EZ Access ® was designed under Federal Grants at the University of Wisconsin to specifically meet or exceed ADA guidelines. It provides a concrete, actionable set of steps that clarify and quantify how ADA guidelines can be met.

EZ Access ® was also designed be used to help meet Section 508 requirements as they relate to kiosk and self-service products. It is an integrated and user-friendly way to meet 508 requirements and is the only comprehensive cross-disability solution set.

What kinds of electronic products does EZ Access ® work with?

EZ Access ® can be implemented on almost any interactive electronic device. It can be applied to a product that has a touch screen, a projection screen, a regular screen, a very small screen, or no screen at all.

EZ Access ® technologies have been implemented in self-service kiosks, wayfinding kiosks and fare machines. Examples include all Amtrak ticketing kiosks, Homeland Security border control kiosks and Post Office stamp and shipping self-service kiosks. EZ Access ® can also be applied to a wide range of devices including:  ATMs, vending machines, voting machines, public gaming machines, self-service restaurant ordering devices, cellular phones, tablets and other personal portable electronics.

Do I need to add any special buttons on my product to be EZ Access ® Certified?

Applications with a touch screen interface typically require adding a keypad specifically designed for EZ Access implementation. A simulation of one such keypad is at the bottom of this demo.

What are the EZ Access ® buttons and what do they do?

The EZ Access ® buttons work together to support linear navigation of kiosk content. Their colors and shapes make them readily identifiable by both sight and touch. The buttons are spaced so people who have difficulty with reach and motion can use them.

EZ Access ® Buttons In-Depth:

  • The blue, diamond-shaped button is used to gain help in using the EZ Access ® system. More advanced implementations can add help text for any key or button, any of the elements on a screen, or anything on the device overall.
  • These triangle-shaped buttons provide a way for users to move up and down through the items on the screen.
  • After moving to an actionable item on the screen, users can press this green, circular button to activate it, or if it is a text block, to have it read or read again.
  • These buttons allow users to quickly and conveniently return or advance screens, menus, lists, etc.

Does EZ Access ® require a special telephone hand or head set?

EZ Access ® does require a headphone jack. This allows people to use their own personal headphones, or to connect hearing aids or cochlear implants. The best implementations include both standard sized (3.5mm and 2.5mm) jacks, though one 3.5mm jack alone is acceptable.

For public systems, it's may be helpful to have a telephone-style handset in addition to both of the jacks. However, on some public systems the handsets can create concerns about vandalism. For this reason, for systems which don't involve private or confidential information, a public speaker may be a better choice.

Will EZ Access ® give out private information through the speaker?

A properly designed EZ Access ® implementation will never give out private or secure information through a speaker.

In many systems, security codes such as pin numbers are only given out as beeps, even when a user is listening through a private channel.

Can I buy a keypad for proper EZ Access ® implementation on my product?

Yes, though this keypad in only one element of a proper EZ Access ® implementation. You must also have a set of user interface techniques, built into your software to complete an EZ Access proper implementation.

Since every piece of hardware and software is different, each product's implementation may vary slightly (although maintaining a similar look and feel for end users is desired).

Ideally, EZ Access ® should be considered early in the design process in order to create a cohesive user experience.

Is EZ Access ® trademarked or patented?

EZ Access ® is a federally registered trademark of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). Some of the techniques, technology and components within EZ Access ® are patented by WARF for the University of Wisconsin - Madison.   All Trademarks and licensing rights have been exclusively assigned to Assistra Technologies LLC in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The cost for licensing EZ Access ® is purposely kept low in order to facilitate its use, typically a small fraction of a percent and much less than the cost it would take to develop or even test cross-disability strategies.

What do I have to do if I want to implement EZ Access® ?

Assistra Technologies LLC is your source for EZ Access ® licensing as well as proper EZ Access® implementation and certification. If you are interested in exploring EZ Access ® for your product, please contact Assistra and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Assistra will work with your company to design, develop and certify your EZ Access® implementation and provide you with one of the safest harbors available for meeting ADA guidelines and Section 508 requirements for kiosks and self-service devices.

How do I contact Assistra Technologies LLC?

Assistra Technologies LLC, LLC
2702 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711
phone: 608-215-0031

email: info@assistratech.com

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