Are You Looking For Assurance of ADA & Section 508 Compliance?

EZ Access ® ensures maximum accessibility for people using self-service kiosks that have sensory or mobility impairment.

(Self-service kiosks include: self-service computer devices, wayfinding kiosks, vending machines, voting machines, public gaming machines, self-service restaurant ordering devices, and more!)

Amtrak self service ticketing kiosk with EZ Access technologies.
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EZ Access ® Incorporated
into Ticketing Kiosks

EZ Access ® technologies have been specified for use by Amtrak for their self-service ticketing kiosks.

Department of Homeland Security passport control kiosk with EZ Access technologies.
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EZ Access ® Incorporated
into Security Kiosks

EZ Access ® technologies have been specified for use by The Department of Homeland Security for self-service passport border patrol kiosks .

United States Post Office self service kiosks with EZ Access technologies.
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EZ Access ® Incorporated
into Purchasing Kiosks

EZ Access ® technologies have been specified for use by The United States Post Office for thier self-service postal kiosks.

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“To be called EZ Access requires both a tactile keypad and a certified implementation of the EZ Access techniques.”

—   Gregg C. Vanderheiden. Ph.D., Director, Trace R & D Center

EZ Access ®

Developed by the Trace Research & Development Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (recently relocated to the University of Maryland), EZ Access ® is the only cross disability solution set for self-service kiosks. Whereas, solutions may exist that are helpful to the visually impaired, they do not meet the needs of the physically or cognitively disabled. Other solutions may work for disabled people who are technically adept, but not for those who may be uncomfortable with technology or who have become disabled later in life (i.e., the elderly). EZ Access ® helps solve this problem.

EZ Access was developed by the Trace Research & Development Center and is licensed by Assistra Technologies LLC.

ADA Guidelines & Section 508 Requirements

Federal and state ADA codes and regulations are intended to provide cross disability access to public computers (self-service kiosk installations). By working with Assistra Technologies LLC to implement EZ Access ®, clients will more easily satisfy government guidelines, evidence their concern for inclusivity and diminish the threat of related litigation. In short, EZ Access ® technologies, along with a proper implementation and certification provided by Assistra, will provide both the guidance to create accessible kiosks, and a "safer harbor" for clients trying to be sure that they comply with the requirements for accessibility in public spaces.

EZ Access helps ensure a safer harbor for those concerned with ADA and Section 508 compliance.

EZ Access ® Offers Accessiblity For All

Key to meeting the requirements of 508 and the ADA is the ability to address not just the needs of one type of disability, but the need to meet the needs of all of the disabilities covered by these laws. EZ Access ® represents an integrated package of techniques that work across disabilities, that work with people who are both technically adept and less technically oriented, and that work without training and can be easily understood and incorporated into kiosks. EZ Access ® addresses the needs of people who are blind, have low vision, have cognitive, language, and learning disabilities, have trouble reading for any reason, have limited reach or strength, are hard-of-hearing or deaf, etc. And they do this without the user having to invoke any special modes. The techniques can all be used simultaneously with the touch screen in the same way a keyboard and mouse can be used together on a computer. With EZ Access ® the user can choose whichever approach works best for them, switching between them at any time during kiosk use.

EZ Access is the only known cross disability solution set for self-service kiosks.

EZ Access ® Features:

Speech output + navigation

EZ Access ® gives complete access to any onscreen controls and context (text, image and controls).

Button help

EZ Access ® provides a way for users to instantly identify any button on the device and get information about it.

System help

EZ Access ® provides context sensitive information about using the device.

Layers of help

EZ Access ® provides extra help when people might be stuck or unsure of what to do next.


EZ Access ® provides a visual presentation of any text or sounds created by the device that are not already visually displayed for those with hearing impair- ments or deafness.

A Certified EZ Access ® Implementation Meets Section 508 Requirements.

EZ Access ® provides assurance of ADA & Section 508 compliance by ensuring maximum self-service kiosk accessibility by those with sensory or mobility impairment.


Kiosk with new linear keypad to be used with EZ Access implementations. Voting machine for people with disabilities with EZ Access technologies.

Self-Service Kiosks Using EZ Access ® Technologies

Striving towards a standardization that is familiar for people with disabilities, EZ Access ® implementions can be incorporated into new kiosk designs and also retrofitted onto existing kiosks.

EZ Access hardware used in Amtrak self service kiosk.
EZ Access technologies used in United States Post Office self service kiosks.
EZ Access hardware used in wayfinding kiosk.
A certified EZ Access implemention for a wayfinding kiosk incorporating the new linear keypad and audio module.